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Licensure Policies - Short-term Licence Policy


To obtain a Short‐Term licence with the College, an applicant must meet all legislated requirements and provide payment of appropriate fees. These fees are listed in the College’s By‐Laws and indicate that an applicant must pay a licence fee of $250.00 for each issuance of a Short‐Term licence. 


Applicants who apply and obtain multiple Short‐Term licences will be capped at a maximum of four short term licences per calendar year regardless of the amount of time that each Short Term licence is approved for. If an applicant needs to apply for a licence after he or she has been issued four Short‐Term licences, he or she will be directed by College staff to apply for a General or Restricted licence. 

Legislative Authority

R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 1093: Licences, s. 3(1)(f), s. 8 College By‐Laws, Schedule 2, fees 

(approved by Registration Committee – September 2016)