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Accreditation of veterinary facilities

In Ontario, veterinarians providing clinical care to animals practise from an accredited veterinary facility.

The College’s Facility Accreditation program ensures veterinary facilities provide a professional environment and contain the essential equipment required for patient care. There are more than 1,700 veterinary practices operating 2,400 facilities in Ontario. All veterinary facilities, including mobile facilities, must meet the College’s accreditation standards.  

Accreditation Process

Steps to establish & maintain a veterinary facility.

Accreditation Standards for Veterinary Facilities in Ontario

Veterinary facilities must meet standards to receive Certificate of Accreditation.

New Accreditation Model

The new accreditation model provides a flexible, and dynamic program to meet the needs of facility accreditation.

Prepare for your inspection

Preparation is key to a successful inspection.

Temporary Facilities

Rabies, microchip clinics and others 

The College provides opportunities for programs or clinics to operate from an unaccredited facility. Those interested in hosting a temporary clinic or program are encouraged to review the relevant Position Statement and submit an application form. The College requires two weeks to process an application for a temporary facility. 

Accreditation Fees

At its June meeting, Council approved the amendment to Schedule 1 to the By-Laws – Fees for adoption, effective October 1, 2023. To review the amended By-Laws in its entirety, please visit the amended Schedule 1 to the By-Laws – Fees. The projected costs of the new accreditation program were used to determine the proposed fees. After the program has been running for two years, the College will re-evaluate and re-adjust the fees as necessary.

New Accreditation Fee Schedule

Calculating an annual fee

The scope of practice and accreditation standards are used to calculate the annual fee. The College has prepared several examples of practices and what they would choose as their additional scope of practice and the resulting annual fee.

Accreditation emblem now available

The new Facility Accreditation Emblem is available for use by veterinary facilities which have received a Certificate of Accreditation in Ontario. The emblem may be displayed on the facility’s website, and on your own social media sites. Thank you for demonstrating your commitment to facility accreditation by displaying the accreditation emblem.

Get the Emblem