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Strategic Plan

The College’s strategic plan sets the direction for Council’s priorities and financial allocations.

Strategy 2026

Strategy 2026, the current strategic plan, lays the foundation for the College for 2023-26. The plan is the result of Council's deliberations and consultation and provides a focus to Council’s priorities and financial allocations. 

Strategic Objectives 
  • Championing legislative reform to affirm an agile future 
  • Partnering for improved access to veterinary services 
  • Creating space for innovation and technology 
  • Promoting the importance of One Health 
  • Focusing regulation on people and context  
Report on Strategy 2023

The final report on Strategy 2023 concludes the College’s strategic advancement of five primary objectives over the period of March 2020 to March 2023. It demonstrates Council’s diligent attention to making tactical progress in all areas, regardless of the pandemic conditions, and serves as a testament to the outcomes achieved as the world changed.

Strategy 2023 - Final Outcomes Report

More information on strategic priorities 
One Health

One Health recognizes the health of people, animals and the planet are all connected

Compassionate Regulation

Compassionate regulation ensures human touch is not lost in regulation.

Legislative Reform

The College Council welcomes the provincial government’s commitment to modernization.