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Jurisprudence Exam Information

The Jurisprudence Exam verifies that applicants are ready to practise veterinary medicine, in a safe and professional manner.

Applicants seeking a general, restricted, academic and post-graduate and resident licence in Ontario are required to successfully complete the jurisprudence exam. In conjunction with other licensing requirements, the jurisprudence exam verifies the applicant’s readiness to practise veterinary medicine, in a safe and professional manner, in Ontario by evaluating their ability to apply the Ontario legislative framework governing veterinarians (including legislation, regulations, practice standards, policy statements and position statements). 

The jurisprudence exam provides assurance that applicants have a sound level of understanding of the legislative framework that is in place to reduce the risks that exist in veterinary practice and the privileges, responsibilities and obligations associated with licensure and public protection. 

The College has two documents to support applicants in successfully completing the exam. Applicants should read and review these documents as they prepare for the exam.  

  • The Jurisprudence Examination Exam Resource Guide includes the legislation, regulations, College standards, guideline and policies that the exam is based on.  

  • This Jurisprudence Examination Candidate Resource Guide contains information about applying to sit the exam, test locations, format, blueprint, scoring and policies.  

General Exam Quick Facts: 

  • The fee to write the exam is $175 + HST. The exam fee is applicable to every attempt. 
  • The duration of the exam is a maximum of three hours. 
  • Candidates are responsible for scheduling the date and location of the exam after receiving notification from the College that they are eligible to take the exam. 
  • Candidates may attempt the exam a maximum of two times before remediation is required. 

1. Candidates must submit the following to become eligible to take the Jurisprudence Exam: 

  • Completed application for licensure form 
  • Proof of identity 
  • Completed exam confidentiality agreement 
  • Licence Application fee 
  • CVO Jurisprudence Exam fee

2. Receive email confirming eligibility to schedule and take Jurisprudence Exam. 

3. Review Jurisprudence Exam materials. 

4. Schedule the Jurisprudence Examination. 

5. Take the Jurisprudence Examination. 

The College is committed to assuring that all persons interacting with the College can obtain, use and benefit fairly and equitably from its programs and resources. It is recognized that persons with disabilities may require accommodation to obtain this objective. The organization will provide and strive to exceed the required accommodation experience when evident or requested. For more information about making an accommodation request, see the Jurisprudence Examination Candidate Resource Guide. 

Jurisprudence Examination Candidate Resource Guide