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Veterinary Practice

Information for licensed members and the public about the practice of veterinary medicine in Ontario. This includes licensure or veterinarians, accreditation of veterinary facilities and competency and professionalism in the profession.
Facility Accreditation

Veterinary facilities must provide a professional environment.


Managing your licence & licensure requiremements.

Quality Practice

Supporting the delivery of safe, quality veterinary medicine.

Talk to the Practice Advisor

The practice advisory service is available to anyone seeking information related to the regulations, policy and expectations associated with the practice of veterinary medicine in Ontario. 


Ethics Resource Hub

The public trusts veterinarians to make sound, ethical  decisions. Even in the most challenging ethical issue, a veterinarian must decide on the course of action that will best address the situation. Throughout the Ethics Resource Hub, you will find online resources to assist veterinarians in building their skills in ethical decision-making.