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About the CVO

The College of Veterinarians of Ontario regulates the delivery of veterinary medicine in Ontario. All veterinarians practising in Ontario must be licensed by the College.

About the College of Veterinarians of Ontario

In serving the public interest, the College seeks to understand the risks involved in the practice of veterinary medicine and collaborates with partners to develop solutions which reduce the potential for harm to animals and people. 

The College

The College licenses more than 5,500 veterinarians and accredits over 2,400 veterinary facilities in Ontario. The role and authority of the College is set out in the Veterinarians Act and regulations made under this legislation. The veterinary profession in Ontario has been regulated since 1877.

  • Issues licences to qualified individuals 
  • Sets standards that support safe, quality veterinary care 
  • Inspects and accredits veterinary facilities to assure a professional environment 
  • Investigates and resolves concerns about a veterinarian and their practice 
  • Administers quality practice programs to promote continued competency and ongoing growth

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Mission, Vision and Principles


Governing the veterinary profession in the public interest.


Public confidence in veterinary regulation. 


In collaboration, we strive to be: 

  • Transparent: Ethical, fair, clear and direct  
  • Reliable: Competent, well-informed, evidence-based and adequately resourced 
  • Relevant: Risk-aware, current, responsive and nimble 
  • Independent: Mandate-focused and objective 
  • Compassionate: Approachable, supportive and adaptable to context 
  • Inclusive: Respectful of all  voices, conscious of personal bias, open-minded and committed to learning 
  • Accountable: Performance driven, impact oriented and publicly responsible
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The College invites you to subscribe to Community Connection, the CVO Public Newsletter. The College supports quality and safety in the delivery of veterinary medicine in Ontario. The newsletter shares information on College activities, programs and resources and is circulated five times a year.

Our Commitment

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility

The College condemns acts of discrimination on any grounds, and aims to deliver its mandate in a fair, transparent, responsive and empathic manner. 



Pioneering veterinarians form OVMA

Veterinary work in Ontario has its roots in the agricultural community, tending to settlers’ livestock. By the 1860's, the advent of steamship and railway travel created a need for improved animal care as livestock became more vulnerable to European diseases. The foundation of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association in 1874 launched organized veterinary medicine in Canada.

Ontario Veterinary Association incorporated

The veterinary profession begins the journey to attain true professional status and the privilege of self-governance.

The Veterinary Science Practice Act is proclaimed

The Veterinary Science Practice Act broadened the scope of veterinary medicine to include domestic animals as well as livestock. The Ontario Veterinary Association, now the College of Veterinarians of Ontario, became a corporate body empowered to govern its members and issue licences.

The Veterinarians Act is updated

The Veterinarians Act provides the College with the authority to develop by-laws to define the administration of the College.