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Licensure Policies – Restricted Licensure

Regulation 1093 under the Veterinarians Act permits the issuance of restricted licences. A restricted licence is defined as: 

“a licence with conditions or limitations imposed by a committee 

A restricted licence may be requested by an applicant when an applicant does not meet any or all of the requirements for a general licence. 

An application for a restricted licence is reviewed by the Registration Committee and is assessed on its own merits. In order for a review to be completed, the College must be in receipt of: 

  • an application for licensure and payment of the application fee, and 

  • a letter addressed to the Registration Committee outlining the request for a restricted licence and the reasons why the request should be granted. 

If applicable, additional documentation may also be submitted: 

  • a current resume detailing the applicant’s experience in veterinary medicine to date, 

  • letters or employment support forms confirming the applicant’s employment and providing details of relevant duties and hours, and 

  • any other information that the applicant believes would support their request. 

The Committee reviews each application and all material received to determine if it will issue a restricted licence inclusive of any terms, conditions and/or limitations. Each decision is unique and made based on the merits of the application. 

Terms, conditions and limitations are defined as follows: 

Term – a specified length of time that the licence is active. 

Condition – a requirement that must be met in order to practise (e.g. a course to be completed, level of supervision) 

Limitation – a restriction that often implies avoiding certain actions (e.g. a limitation on practise scope or employment location) 

The Committee issues a decision, inclusive of any terms, conditions and/or limitations, with its reasons. A decision of the Committee is appealable to Health Professions Appeal and Review Board. 

(approved by the Registration Committee ‐ May 2014)