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Licensure Policies – Document Translation


(revised by Registration Committee ‐ 2016) 

This policy has been developed to outline document translations requirements for documentation that is provided to the College of Veterinarians of Ontario for the purposes of licensure. 


This policy will apply to licensure applicants whose documentation is not in English or French. Generally, this documentation is veterinary medicine degrees and letters of professional standing. 


Applicants seeking licensure are required to provide acceptable documentation related to their intended licence type. There are instances where these documents have not originally produced in either English or French. In these instances, applicants are required to provide a certified English or French translation of the document to the College. 


To ensure that all translations are submitted in a consistent and fair manner, the College has adopted the following requirements: 

1. Unless otherwise specifically directed, the translation must be submitted in original hard copy and be completed by either: 

(i) The Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate to Canada of the country that issued the document; 

(ii) A Canadian Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate in the country from which the applicant emigrated; 

(iii) A translator accredited by the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario; 

(iv) A translator accredited by a federal, provincial, or municipal government in Canada; or 

(v) When extenuating circumstances arise, another person or organization deemed acceptable by the College’s Registrar. 

2. At all times, the translation must be accompanied by an original hard copy of the translator’s statement that contains: 

(i) The translator’s official stamp and/or ID number; 

(ii) The translator’s address and phone number; 

(iii) The date that the translation occurred; 

(iv) A statement by the translator that the translation is accurate and a true representation of the document; and 

(v) The printed name and original signature of the translator. 

(approved by Registration Committee ‐ 2018)