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Licensure Policies - AVMA‐COE Accredited School Graduand Exemption


Under Ont. Reg. 1093 ss 3 (1) (i), applicants for licensure must provide evidence that they have earned a basic degree from an American Veterinary Medical Association-Council On Education (AVMA-COE) accredited veterinary school or an acceptable unaccredited veterinary school by presenting the degree in a manner acceptable to the College. 

Since degrees are not issued until the educational institution holds its convocation ceremony, graduands who have completed all degree requirements but who have not yet convocated are not eligible for a licence issued by the Registrar.  Therefore, they must request an exemption to the requirement, which by law may be considered and decided by the Registration Committee only. 


The Registration Committee will consider, in lieu of the degree, an original letter from the Dean (or equivalent) of the relevant AVMA-COE veterinary college – Canadian or otherwise - confirming that the applicant 

  • has completed all degree requirements for the program, and 

  • is expected to graduate at the stated convocation ceremony date. 

In these cases, the Registration Committee will generally direct that a General Licence be granted with the condition that official transcripts issued after convocation must sent to the College directly from the educational institution within 6 months of the licence date.  Upon receipt of official transcripts (or other acceptable documentation) stating that graduation has taken place and the degree therefore issued, the Registrar is then permitted to remove the condition from the licence.  If the College does not receive official transcripts (or other acceptable documentation) within 6 months of the licence date, the General licence will be revoked. 

(revised by the Registration Committee ‐ 2022)