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Licensure Policies – Difficulty obtaining required documents

Despite their best efforts, some applicants are unable to obtain the documents required to support their application due to circumstances that are beyond their control. 

Examples of such circumstances include: 

  • An institution (such as a school or governmental organization) is unable to provide the required document because it no longer exists, is not functioning or has lost records due to war, upheaval, natural disaster or other crisis; 

  • An institution is refusing to provide the required documentation for an improper reason; 

  • Contacting an institution to request a document raises a well founded fear of discrimination o persecution for the applicant or his/her family. 

This list of examples is not exhaustive and other circumstances “outside an applicant’s control” will be considered on a case by case basis. 


Any applicant indicating that it is impossible to obtain documents will be provided with an opportunity to describe their particular situation for consideration. 

1. When an applicant advises the College that documents are not available, staff will ask for a letter to be submitted detailing the reasons why the document is not available. 

2. The Registrar will then determine whether it is appropriate to accept alternative documentation given the facts presented. 

Alternative Documents 

Alternative documentary proof from sources other than the originating institution might include: 

  • a certified/notarized copy directly from the applicant 

  • copies of documents from another institution (regulatory body, testing agency) 

  • transcripts from academic studies in veterinary medicine 

  • an affidavit, which is a formal legal document in which an individual describes circumstances or knowledge and swears that the information provided is true in the presence of a notary or lawyer. 

  • affidavits from third parties (such as professors or colleagues) with personal or expert knowledge relating to the applicant’s circumstances, academic credentials or qualifications. 


Applicants may appeal the Registrar’s decision by asking for a referral to the Registration Committee. 

(approved by Registration Committee ‐ 2014)