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Lock Label Locate Toolkits now available!

Supporting effective drug management in veterinary facilities

All facility directors have been mailed a free Lock Label Locate Toolkit. Safety is everyone’s business in your practice, especially when it comes to managing drugs. The toolkit helps us all focus on these essential behaviours.

Let us all work to protect the public, animals, and your veterinary team with safe  management of drugs. To request a toolkit or if you need more support, please contact the College.

Lock Label Locate Folder


Secure all drugs by keeping them locked up


Good inventory control through labelling on any container and to ensure it is not expired


This is about safe and responsible disposal

Tip Sheets

The kit includes three educational tip sheets to be shared with veterinary team members to support the safe management of drugs.

Lock tip sheet

Lock: Every drug must be kept safe and secure!

This tip sheet provides information on storing drugs, including controlled drugs, securely.

Lock Tip Sheet

Label tip sheetLabel: Every drug needs a proper label!

This tip sheet provides information on what is included on the container in which a drug is dispensed.

Label Tip Sheet

Locate tip sheetLocate: Every drug has an expiry date!

This tip sheet provides information on the identification, removal and disposal of expired drugs.

Locate Tip Sheet


The kit includes informative posters to be displayed in a common area and near drug storage areas to support the safe management of drugs.

Drug disposal poster Expired Drugs: Proper Disposal Tips

A poster to display in your veterinary facility providing guidance on the steps to manage expired drugs.

Two posters are also available display near sinks and in bathrooms as a reminder to never dispose of drugs by pouring them in a sink or by flushing them down the toilet.

Proper Disposal Tips Poster

Never Pour Drugs in the Sink

Never Flush Drugs down the Toilet

Label Templates

Dots are an easy way to identify drugs that are expired or expiring soon.

 expired labelsExpired: Do not use

Labels identify drugs that are expired. The College provided labels in the toolkits that were distributed. The labels provided were Avery 2343 (red) and 2346 (yellow), printed on the template. Expiring soon - use first labels are also available.

Expired - do not use

Expiring soon - use first