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Letter of Standing Request 

Most regulatory bodies will require letters of standing or licensing history reports from past and present licensed members who are applying to be registered in other jurisdictions. To request a letter of standing, please submit a completed and signed Letter of Standing Request form to the College.  Please note that there is a fee of $22.60 ($20 +GST) and the College must receive this payment before issuing the letter of standing. 

If the jurisdiction that you are applying for has their own form that they require to be filled out, please submit a copy of this form together with the College’s request form. 

The College strives to process letter of standing requests within five business daysIf there is a specific time frame during which you require the letter to be sent, please indicate that in your request. 

The original letter will be emailed and mailed to the requested jurisdiction and the licensed member will receive a copy by email. 

The College will disclose the following information: 

  • The subject of the letter to include: the veterinarian’s name, institution where degree in veterinary medicine was obtained from, year graduated, date of birth; 

  • Licence number of the member; 

  • A description of each type of licence held, including any conditions, limitations, terms and the time period in which they were held; 

  • Any current conditions/limitations; 

  • Open Investigations; 

  • Disciplinary history; 

  • Any other information deemed relevant. 

Letter of Standing Request Form