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Ottawa veterinarian leads CVO Council in 2024

January 3, 2024

Dr. Wade Wright, of Ottawa, Ontario, is the 2024 President of the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO), the province’s regulatory and licensing body for Ontario’s 5,500 veterinarians.

“I am grateful to be a member of the veterinary profession and it’s an honour to serve as President of the College. I am encouraged to see our provincial government moving towards modernizing the veterinary profession’s governing legislation which is good news for the public, for the profession and for animal welfare. It’s an exciting and significant time for our College.” 

Dr. Wade Wright, President of the CVO

Dr. Wright graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2003 and practises companion animal medicine in the Ottawa area. Dr. Wright was elected to the College Council in 2018 and joined the Executive Committee in 2022.

“Our Council is attentive to measures which support the delivery of safe, quality veterinary medicine in Ontario. We are innovative and proactive in fulfilling our mandate, demonstrated by our commitment to regulatory effectiveness and right touch regulation which ensures the College only gets involved when appropriate and necessary.”

Dr. Wright

In addition to the modernization of the Veterinarians Act, the College Council will continue work to improve access to veterinary services, strengthen veterinary teamwork, identify opportunities for technology to enhance the delivery of veterinary medicine, and to focus regulation on people and context.

Joining Dr. Wright on the College’s Executive Committee are: Dr. Jessica Retterath, First Vice-President; Catherine Knipe, Second Vice-President; Dr. Alana Parisi, Past President and Dr. Louise Kelly, Member at Large. Appointments were also made to the College’s statutory committees and details can be found on the College’s website.

At the December 2023 meeting, the College Council welcomed two new professional members because of its election held in October. Joining Council are Dr. Kathleen Day Dunbar and Dr. Yashvir Varma. Council also recognized individuals who have completed their terms on Council including Dr. Lorie Gold and Dr. Jessica Peatling. Their contributions to profession-based regulation are appreciated.

The College Council is committed to managing the risks involved in the practice of veterinary medicine in Ontario and working to reduce any potential for harm to animals and to people. The College’s governing Council is comprised of 13 elected veterinarians and five public members, appointed by the provincial government.