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Animal Welfare Podcast Series

November 2022

In collaboration with the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA), the College released a series of podcasts on animal welfare. The series promotes awareness of animal welfare issues as they intersect with the practice of veterinary medicine, including current research in the field, the role of veterinarians in protecting animal welfare, and the One Welfare movement. There are six episodes in this series, including guest speakers from the Ontario Veterinary College and members of the veterinary profession, all speaking about their experience and knowledge in a specific area of focus.

  • Episode 1 - Current and Evolving Science, Ethics, and Law
  • Episode 2 - What is One Welfare?
  • Episode 3 - One Welfare, The Practising Veterinarian’s Role
  • Episode 4 - Recognizing Animal Abuse and Facing Moral Dilemmas
  • Episode 5 - PAWS
  • Episode 6 - The Role of the Expert Witness