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Modernizing the Veterinarians Act – Amendment to Title Protection

Status: Closed
Feedback Deadline: February 28, 2020
What is the Concept?

As a part of the College’s legislative reform initiative, the College is reviewing the provisions in the Veterinarians Act related to title protection. The Veterinarians Act currently protects the titles of “veterinarian”, “vétérinaire”, “veterinary surgeon”, and “chirurgien vétérinaire” or an abbreviation or variation thereof as an occupational or business designation for licensed members. Further, a person who is not a licensed member is prohibited from using a term, title or description that will lead to the belief that the person may engage in the practice of veterinary medicine. A recommended amendment to this concept was publicly consulted on in 2017 and approved to be forwarded to the Ministry for recommended amendments to the Veterinarians Act. The list of proposed additional titles to be protected included “veterinary technician,” “Registered Veterinary Technician,” “doctor (Dr.) in the course of providing or offering to provide health care to animals in Ontario with an exemption for chiropractors to use the term in prescribed circumstances. It did not, however, include “veterinary technologist”.

Why is the College Considering Changes to this Concept?

The additions to the title protection provisions are proposed to allow for clarity in roles in terms of which individuals are permitted to use which titles.

As some veterinary technicians with additional training call themselves “veterinary technologists” the title should be protected for use only by those who are authorized to use it. 

What is Proposed?

It is proposed that the title of “veterinary technologist” be added to the list of titles that would be protected under new legislation.

This consultation is now closed.